Updates again

Lizzep Profile

I’ve updated the Books section of my portfolio, giving more up-to-date info on Drannik & Lizzep #3. I’ve also added quite a bit of stuff to the other portfolio sections (comic pages, illustrations, and miscellaneous, just to name a few), so feel free to check them out.

Milwaukee Animation Group going to see Brave on July 7th

Taken directly from the Milwaukee Animation Group’s website:

On Saturday, July 7th the Milwaukee Animation Group will be gathering to see Pixar’s latest animation extravaganza: Brave.

We’ll meet at the Majestic Cinema¬†between 1pm and 3pm (exact show time to be announced).

So, if you want to come with to see this movie, stop on by.

In unrelated news, I’ve updated the books section, plus added some more stuff to the portfolio.

Drannik & Lizzep #2 for sale at many places, and other related stuff

Want a copy of Drannik & Lizzep #2 without downloading an app to read it? Physical copies of the book are available at these locations:

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Making of a comic page and some small updates

I’ve updated the “Books” and “Comic Pages” sections with some new material, along with posting this “Making of”.

I wanted to post a step-by-step process on how I make a comic page. Now, I’ve done similar step-by-step processes in the past, but I wanted to go more in-depth this time.

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Some updates to the website

Things have been silent here for the past two weeks or so, but I have made some updates to this website in that time. I’ve got it arranged now so that the portfolio link at the top is a drop down menu, and each drop down selection leads to an individual section (e.g. “Illustrations” leads to a page just for illustrations, etc.).

And speaking of the portfolio, I’ve added some new stuff to it, so feel free to check it out.

Event Recap: Art Milwaukee Art Jamboree

Art Milwaukee recently had one of their monthly Art Jamboree’s, this time at Flux Design on Vienna Avenue, just south of Capitol Drive. I actually had a table near the entrance where I showcased and sold some stuff. Because I took so many photos and because there is a lot to talk about, I’m going to have to put the rest of this post below the fold.

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Featured Artist on artmilwaukee.com, plus new portfolio stuff

If you are arriving from artmilwaukee.com, or any related website, welcome. If you aren’t and have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m one of several featured artists on Art Milwaukee’s website for the month of January. Also, I will be at the next Art Jamboree at Flux Design on February 3rd, so if you want to see my art along with others’ in person, that would be the perfect opportunity to check it out.

I’ve also put up new art in my portfolio as well.

Recap: Milwaukee Animation Group Show and Tell

Before I post my little recap, I want to point out that I’ve put up some new stuff under the portfolio section. Included with that is the cover and a sample page of a comic book I just got done making (the cover is featured above). Also, if you want to have a copy of this same book, feel free to contact me at tonyk@tkcartoonist.info.

Last night, MAG had a Show and Tell where different animators and game developers showed off what they’ve been doing. They have these every once in a while as a way to create rapport with fellow animators in the area, and last night was no exception. Four people showed off their stuff, and while all of them were pretty good, the one who stole the show was the guy from Raven Software.

Raven Software is a game company based out of Madison as well as a subsidiary of Activision, and they are responsible for the DLC for the latest Call of Duty games, as well as creating the game Hexen and, more recently, Singularity. The stuff that the guy showed us was footage for a game that was never released, made about four years ago when he worked at EA and only recently had permission to show. I really wanted to show the little bit of animation I’ve done after he went, but it’s hard to follow an act like that. Here’s the guy’s portfolio for further reference of what I’m talking about.

After all was said and done, we went to a winery just down the street and I listened to all the interesting stories these guys have had in their fields. I also learned something that gamers and game magazines missed: next time anybody plays Medal of Honor: Airborne, pay attention to what the statues look like.

Recap of ArtWorks’ “Monster” show, plus some more updates

I’ve uploaded some more older artwork to the Portfolio section. I’m currently working on a new project at the moment, but I’m trying to keep it on the down-low until it’s complete.

I’ve also added another link, this time to another fellow artist, Josh Frazer. He is also a cartoonist/illustrator who has done a lot of work around Kenosha. Feel free to check his stuff out when you get the chance.

For the last four years, ArtWorks of Kenosha has been putting on a show called “Monster”, which is basically an art show featuring monsters, either as homages to classic movie and folklore creatures, or something invented from the artist. Last year, I had a piece in this show (The Giant Claw), but unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to make something this year. However, I like to check out the shows at Artworks, so I went to the Costume Party reception on October 29th.

There were a couple of relief prints that stuck out quite a bit to me, as they had this clean line look similar to what I’ve done with cartoons lately. In fact, I was almost envisioning what they would have looked like if they were given color via Illustrator. Then again, I’ve been seeing that a lot with line work, as I’ve been trying to improve my own color.

Another work that stood out to me was a pinball table made by one of my former professors. I’m not sure if it was usable or not (not exactly a good idea to just touch random artwork, after all), but it looked like it could be. I could recognize it as his work right away as he has a certain style to his work I have never seen imitated.

The reception itself was a pretty good time. Since it was a costume party, almost everyone there was dressed as something or someone else. There was a huge multilayer cake there that everyone had a slice of, and it was pretty good, I must say. There was also a dance routine going on featuring zombie/undead girls. I’ll admit that I was a little unnerved by it at first as I had no idea what was going on, but I figured they were in character.

The show is going on until November 7th, so if you happen to be in Kenosha until then, feel free to check it out. Maybe the next time I put up something relating to an event, I’ll remember to bring my camera so I can take some photos of it.