Recap: Pandora’s Ball at Rhode Center for the Arts

Before I go into this recap, I want to say that I’ve posted a new link under the Links section, this time for Cartoonists and Illustrators United forum. It’s also right on the home page of this site, but the only reason I put it there was because of an artist directory the same site uses. With that out of the way…

I went to the Pandora’s Ball last Friday at Rhode Center of the Arts in downtown Kenosha. I’ve passed by this building many times before during some of my trips through Kenosha, but this was the first time I’ve ever been in the place. Basically, it’s a theater for plays and such.

The event was organized for the launch of the Pandora’s Box collection that’s being published (in limited numbers) via Southport Press in Kenosha. I actually have a story about the Bray Road Beast published in this collection, but the project got delayed for over a year, so what appears in the book is not representative of my best work now. Still, it is pretty cool that I’ve got something in a collection like this. The picture at the top of this article is all the stuff that’s included in the box, after all.

As for the ball itself, it was a masquerade ball, but people could come dressed like they normally are, so that’s how I showed up. To be honest, the events that were going on inside were not really my cup of tea, but I mostly came to check out the finished book anyway.

Pandora’s Box is a limited edition collection. I’m hoping to pick up a copy for myself as soon as I can, but if you want to know more about it, this is the page for it on the book’s website. I will put up information on my contribution to the book as soon as I am able.

Recap of ArtWorks’ “Monster” show, plus some more updates

I’ve uploaded some more older artwork to the Portfolio section. I’m currently working on a new project at the moment, but I’m trying to keep it on the down-low until it’s complete.

I’ve also added another link, this time to another fellow artist, Josh Frazer. He is also a cartoonist/illustrator who has done a lot of work around Kenosha. Feel free to check his stuff out when you get the chance.

For the last four years, ArtWorks of Kenosha has been putting on a show called “Monster”, which is basically an art show featuring monsters, either as homages to classic movie and folklore creatures, or something invented from the artist. Last year, I had a piece in this show (The Giant Claw), but unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to make something this year. However, I like to check out the shows at Artworks, so I went to the Costume Party reception on October 29th.

There were a couple of relief prints that stuck out quite a bit to me, as they had this clean line look similar to what I’ve done with cartoons lately. In fact, I was almost envisioning what they would have looked like if they were given color via Illustrator. Then again, I’ve been seeing that a lot with line work, as I’ve been trying to improve my own color.

Another work that stood out to me was a pinball table made by one of my former professors. I’m not sure if it was usable or not (not exactly a good idea to just touch random artwork, after all), but it looked like it could be. I could recognize it as his work right away as he has a certain style to his work I have never seen imitated.

The reception itself was a pretty good time. Since it was a costume party, almost everyone there was dressed as something or someone else. There was a huge multilayer cake there that everyone had a slice of, and it was pretty good, I must say. There was also a dance routine going on featuring zombie/undead girls. I’ll admit that I was a little unnerved by it at first as I had no idea what was going on, but I figured they were in character.

The show is going on until November 7th, so if you happen to be in Kenosha until then, feel free to check it out. Maybe the next time I put up something relating to an event, I’ll remember to bring my camera so I can take some photos of it.

Lots of updates…

I’ve spent the last two days giving this site a major overhaul, namely appearance wise. Also, I’ve changed all the images so that they no longer bear a huge watermark of the url, as people have told me that it distracts from the art, and I agree. Finally, I’ve added another link to the links page, this time of Chris Giacinti, a freelance 3D animator and modeller whose work with zBrush is highly recommended. Check it out.

Added more links, this time to comics, plus more portfolio images…

All the comics I host are now linked on the links page. Along with that, I’ve added more images, this time of a page for a recent project I took part in. The project basically involved remaking some else’s comic page and making it your own, so to speak. The comic I remixed is called “Bridges”, and if you want to check it out, here’s where it is located.