Event Recap: Drink and Draw at Frank’s Power Plant, Milwaukee

I visited the Drink and Draw event at Frank’s Power Plant last Friday. It was a good opportunity to meet new people and make connections, as well as draw to our heart’s content. While there, I showed off my portfolio as well as “Drannik & Lizzep” to several different people. Many of them compared my stuff to “Scott Pilgrim” as well as to Skottie Young, another comic book artist whose work I’ve checked out. A good example of his art can be found here.

Photos from the event can be found on the Drink & Draw Milwaukee Facebook page, specifically here.

Although I have no photos of the event myself, I do have sketches that I did while I was there:

Interrobang sketch

Dorky Mork


Stage Show

Zombies are so played out


And, as a bonus to this update, I’ve included some images of a Sculptris model I’ve been working on. I’ve never really used the program before, and I’m not used to using a 3D program for any art endeavor, but I feel like I’ve been learning something with it since I got it:

First Sculpture

Revised Sculpture

Another Sculpture Revision