A few small updates

I put up a new page for the Buskers album artwork I’ve done. It’s under the Portfolio tab on the top menu, but if you want a direct link.

The WordPress platform has changed a lot in the last two years, to the point that I struggled a bit with putting that page up today. I’ve been thinking for a while of contacting someone I know who has more experience coding a site to give some pointers, especially in the area of a redesign. Not a complete redesign, but something to spruce it up a little (customized header buttons, for one).

I’m also planning, though I haven’t done so yet, to completely shut off the comments section. You may not see it here on the front end, but this site gets a lot of spam comments that I have to filter through, and I’m sick of going through the sea of obvious spam to try to find the one legit comment.