Tony Kinnard’s Theory on Life, the Universe, and Everything

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Hello there. My name is Tony Kinnard, and I have high-functioning autism as well as a form of bipolar disorder. I never revealed those facts about myself before, but I never felt they were important things about me, just what I do and who I know. Normally I don’t use this website for much more than updates regarding art and my portfolio, but I have had some setbacks recently, much of it much too personal to post even here, and I’ve come up with a theory about everything. Keep in mind: I have repeated this to some of my family and friends (maybe even too much), but these are ideas that are important to me right now. I might be right, I might be wrong, but I need anyone who is knowledgeable and is interested to listen and read this post at least. Here is how best I can explain these ideas.
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