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Tribute to Calvin & HobbesNegligence NitpickSample Stick Man 10th Anniversary PageSketch of the sample "Stick Man 10th Anniversary" pageMr. SmileyMookie and MollyDrannik & Lizzep's water balloon fightDrannik and Lizzep on Internet ReviewsBridges Remix Page without Text (original comic creator: Kris Justus, comic url: DotPromotional Image for Drannik & LizzepBio for DrannikDrannik ProfileBio for LizzepLizzep ProfileBio for OjmizOjmiz ProfileBio for MischaMischa ProfileDrannik and Lizzep #1 CoverDrannik & Lizzep #1 Redux CoverSample Drannik and Lizzep #1 PageDrannik and Lizzep #2 CoverDrannik and Lizzep #2 Sample PageDrannik and Lizzep #2 Sample PageDrannik & Lizzep #3 CoverSample Page from Drannik & Lizzep #3Sample Page from Drannik & Lizzep #3Drannik and Lizzep #4 CoverComic page from Drannik & Lizzep #4"The Journal of Mischa" CoverSample Page from Drannik & Lizzep #4Sample Page from Drannik & Lizzep #5Back Cover to Drannik & Lizzep #5Sample Page to Drannik & Lizzep #6Drannik & Lizzep #7 CoverDrannik & Lizzep #7 PageDrannik & Lizzep #7 PageDrannik & Lizzep #7 PageDrannik BioLizzep BioOjmiz BioJerri Every BioJameel BioMrs. Lizzep BioTerry Bio

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  1. Hey Tony, we met the other day at Bridges and I wanted to check out your site. I was right about my initial opinion of you. You’re BRILLANT. I really enjoyed your comics, couldn’t stop Laughing!! I know you’re going through some hard times, stay strong, you will get through this even if at times it doesn’t feel like it. I be checking your site often, so keep it updated!! I can’t wait for more!!

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