Theory on Life, The Universe, and Everything Part 2: Vibes and Waveforms

I made a post very recently regarding my theory on Life, the Universe, and Everything, which was very long, detailed, and image-intensive, but there were some things that I left out, mostly because there is a lot to explain about this stuff that is hard to boil down to simple language any audience can understand. However, after thinking it over some more, I wanted to expand upon my original post using something that few people understand, but is a part of everything in this world just through light and sound alone: waveforms and “vibes”.I have a bit of a “sixth sense” regarding the “vibe” of a situation or person I meet. It is how I have been able to survive in this world as long as I have. Lately, while I have people in my life that give off “good vibes”, I have seen a world first-hand that gives off a “bad vibe”. How do I explain the difference without losing my audience? The best way, like my previous post, is with visual representation.

Bad Vibe

This is a waveform that best represents a “Bad Vibe”. It’s jagged and rigid, with large peaks and valleys all around. In music, this would be a waveform that closely represents the “loudness war” that has been going on for over 20 years. The “loudness war”, for those who don’t know, is when record producers increase the volume of the mix to make an album sound louder, when in reality it just blurs the sounds together so that quiet parts and loud parts are at the same volume, and everything blurs together. It doesn’t sound good at all to the human ear, and is a major problem with remasters of older albums. In a more societal sense, this is the kind of waveform we create everyday without even realizing it. This is represented by how people act, like when someone only does what society expects them to do, or buys into the latest fad because everyone else is doing it. It is a literal “tone-deafness” to reality and humanity. It also represents situations and people that make us uncomfortable. “Bad Vibes” are something I would like to see fade away, or at the very least lessen, in this world.

Good Vibe

Now, compare that to this waveform, which I use to represent “Good Vibes”. While it also has peaks and valleys, they are much more subtle, much like ups and downs in our lives. However, it flows more like an ocean or a lake, more freely and not rigidly. It can change over time more easily than the other waveform. Good music which is mixed properly is along these lines.

While I mentioned music primarily to discuss these waveforms, keep in mind that light also operates on these waveforms as well, but it goes beyond just light and sound. The device that you out there are using to view this message, the table that holds all your stuff on it, even our very emotions operate on these waveforms as well, although we never really see them. The idea of a resonant frequency is when you get the right pitch to break a crystal glass, but everything has a resonant frequency. Recently, I came near to my resonant frequency, and it lead to insanity. We all can reach a breaking point, and I had a breakdown, but through that “breakdown”, I built back up, enough to try to explain these, admittedly, out-there ideas in a form that people can understand. It is very difficult to explain all of this, especially since I do not want to put much about my personal life on my portfolio website, but this is how I have been able to make any sense of my own world around me.

People, situations, and media aren’t the only things that give off vibes, but ideas too. People stick to ideas that have a “bad vibe” around them, and that has resulted in a lot of terrible things in this world. I have lived in a world that has given off too many bad vibes for far too long, and honestly I want to see something different. Instead of a world that rewards fiction, a world that rewards effort. Instead of a world obsessed with creating or glorifying death, a world where we can see beyond the stars, and getting ever closer to discovering the answers to life’s biggest mysteries. All from waveforms and vibes.